Need Help Making NPC's Display Text

I want it to be so that when my main character collides or overlapses with another character. You can press the same button you shoot with to activate a text to appear. Then you click the box where the text is and his next sentence comes up. It is a platform style game. But I want other people to talk to him like in a rpg style game. Any advise?


  • willkeslingwillkesling Member, PRO Posts: 123

    I am assuming that the levels or areas where you can interact and talk with NPC are not also combat areas.

    That being said, you could make a global Boolean ( true or false ) called NPC or Friendly_NPC

    You could then right logic that when your player collides with that NPC you would set the global Friendly to true. The NPC would have a run that would say ( or you could just do this with a level rule timer to change it to true when you load the scene )

    if collide with player and the global Friendly_NPC = True spawn text actor. I would create the text actor to have what that particular NPC dialog would be. Then in the actor have it spawn the next, exit, or any other interface buttons with it.

    Hope this helps.

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