Release Candidate 0.12.1 is available!

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Release Candidate 0.12.1


  • Yosemite and iOS 8 compatibility
  • New iOS 8 In App Purchase behaviors
  • Google Store In App Purchase compatibility
  • New selection of GameSalad Templates on the Creator Dashboard
  • New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus game project resolutions for Creator
  • Added file encryption for published apps


  • RevMob and ChartBoost SDKs updated for iOS 8 and Android
  • Fixed Mac App rejections from the App Store
  • Removed blank fields on Viewer resolution picker
  • Updated Help and Feedback buttons to point towards new URLs

Known Issues:

  • Initial Interpolate behavior not occurring
  • Android apps reset to beginning when device is hibernated
  • Resolution independence is currently broken

Note :Google Android IAP has not been full tested. Please Google IAP signup for more info

Report Any Bugs
If you find bugs in the Release Candidate, let us know! We'll be watching the forums, support tickets and bug database for info on this. Once we're all happy with the state of the build then we'll make it stable.

Take a moment to review the "known issues" section of the release notes before reporting any bugs. No need to duplicate reports on what we already know, right?

Thanks for your help!

Go Get It!

See the release notes here:

Download the release candidate here:

Scroll down until you see "Release Candidates"


WARNING This build is really somewhere between a release candidate and a nightly. We wanted to make sure people had the time to edit their games for the new style of iOS In App Purchase. We are running into errors with decrypting some projects and we haven't fully tested Android publishing (mostly because of how long it takes to get into a testable state).




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