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trampoline game after rotation

SpinzSpinz NorwayPosts: 42Member, PRO

HI i have made this trampoline game and i want my actor to rotating deaccilerating after a button for flips is realised please tell me how to do this i am stuck


  • Radi1234Radi1234 Posts: 49Member, PRO

    If you can be a bit clearer? But from what I understood, you want an actor to fall down after it goes up in air, but IF you press a flip button.
    What you need to do is, create a boolean attribute "MoveDown". In that flip button make a rule which says when the flip button is pressed make "moveDown" to true, otherwise false. Now go to the player and make a rule which states "When moveDown is true - accelerate 270". So whenever the flip button is pressed the actor will fall down.

  • SpinzSpinz NorwayPosts: 42Member, PRO

    no prob fixed it with rotation timers

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