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Help! 2D Artist this is your calling!

FishgameFishgame Posts: 0Member

I am programming a game that is based off of the odd school classic that many of you might have played called Insaniquarium. The goal of the game is to take care of fish by feeding them and in turn they drop money for you to collect. Each new level is a new tank and at the end of each level a new pet is unlocked. Each pet has a different job to do and at the start of a new level you get to select which pets you like to take into the next level. Once in a while the tank comes under attack by an Alien which tries to eat up your fish at which point the player tries to defeat the alien.

I work on this game alone with one other friend who helps me test the game and gives me ideas on what to do next or how to make makes changes to the game.

The original had 4 game modes: Adventure, Time Trail, Challenges and Virtual Tank.
Currently I have recreated 80% of the adventure mode and coded the fish, 15 different pets and about 5 different types of aliens and also 10 different items.
I have also created the Virtual tank which is only about 40% complete.

Right now the game consist of sprites that were just part of the original game which ofc I cannot use because of copyright. This project just started out as a fun thing to do and learn a bit of how to make game apps but seeing how popular it has gotten which is about 100 downloads in the first week..I would like to turn it into a nice game I can call my own.

Ultimate problem: My artistic level lets me draw standing stick figures.

Most of the fish and aliens have a simple swimming animation consisiting of a few frames and they might also have an animation according to their unique skill (fish have hungry animation)
I need somebody that can help me recreate all the sprites of my game and here is a rough list of things that I would need:

  • Around 30 Different Pets
  • Around 10 Different Aliens
  • Around 20 Different Items (Items usually dont have much animation)
  • Few miscellaneous objects..
  • Backgrounds (Really low on the to do list)

**Art Style:
You can look at this wiki of the original game to get a sense of the art style I want:

I want it to look cartoony so that it has an appeal for kids as well because I have noticed from the reviews I have gotten from my game that kids enjoy it as well as adults.**

Unfortunatly I work alone on this project with some help from a friend so I am really limited on what I can offer as payment. However I am planning on implementing ads as well as maybe an ad-free version or maybe some sort of trail version and then unlock the full version but this will come after the game is fully completed. I am willing to share any gains that I get with the artist once that happens but I really cannot say how long that will be...If however someone does want to give me a quote on how much I can pay them and if it is some reasonable number that I can afford then I can try to pay them to create all it.

Right now the app is downloaded approx 10 times a day and ofc you will be given credit so a lot of people will see your work and you can have a personal page about yourself or your work linking right from the title screen of the game:

Lastly, Thank you for induring through the long post! I hope I can find somebody here that can help cover for my lacking art skills so that I can make this game a reality! Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have I am willing to chat or email with you guys if you have any questions. :)

You can contact me at:

Hotmail: [email protected]
You can ask me for my number in your email and we can WhatsApp :)

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