Troubles with transparency and organic shapes

lowskilowski Member Posts: 25
I'm trying to make an organic shaped ground for my platform game (s-shaped like: ~~~~~~ ) I have saved my test ground as a png-24 with transparency on. When I place the image in my game, the transparent square around my squiggly line is well, transparent but when I interact with the solid platform my player actor sits on top of the image where the transparent box would be.

How can I make it so that my actor interacts with the organic shaped platform without interacting with the transparent box?



  • JCFordJCFord Member Posts: 785
    Although you have transparency in your image, Actors interacting with it will still see the original box shape.

    You need to simply bring your image in as a background (no behaviours) and then build a 'S' shape surface using several invisible rectangles that sit ontop of your image.
  • lowskilowski Member Posts: 25
    Hmm, are you saying that there is no way to have an actor interact with an organic shape?
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    No. Your only collision choices are rectangles or circles. You can build up complex ground shapes by laying out a bunch of invsible rectangles on top of the image.
  • lowskilowski Member Posts: 25
    Alright, thanks for the help guys!
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