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jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 610Member
edited September 2014 in Announce Your Game!

HI guys, I've just released my latest game "HYPER JETS" to IOS app store, hot on the heals of my game "WARP BRICK"

Available now for all IOS devices..


Join in on the latest high flying adventure, aim for the highest score and challenge your friends.

Earn Medals as you Play,

Unlock new characters.


Tap the device to jet left and right,

Avoid the electro obstacles and aim to jet between the gap.

Score points when you jet between the gap.

Challenge your friends using Game Centre, can you beat their high scores!


A great game for all the family, young and old, kids and adults

Have Fun


  • Ed_PerkinEd_Perkin Midlands,UKPosts: 346Member

    Ace graphics man B)

  • Ed_PerkinEd_Perkin Midlands,UKPosts: 346Member

    Even if the game is that game by flappy bird man

  • jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 610Member
    edited September 2014

    Thanks, learnt a lot making this! especial the swinging pendulums! pretty hard getting that code working! also finally made a single screen game with optimised iAds that refresh every 40 seconds! just getting all my small addictive games published to start my proper platformer! I'm done with quick games now! I've learnt what i needed and now its on to some games worthy of putting my name too! :)

    incase anyones interseted, the first version of this game was rejected as i had some text that said, "please rate the game to unlock new characters!" apple didn't like that and said i was manipulating the reviews! i see their point to an extent but who's to say i was going to get a good review or rating, fixed that anyways,

    also this was published with GS 11.0.13 about 10 days ago, as was my game WARP BRICK! just thought id mention it as some people are wondering what to publish with that will work bug free etc! oh and it has iAds!

  • stahboystahboy Posts: 150Member, PRO


    I published to apple on September 7th and they accepted both of my apps too! There were no bugs whatsoever!

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