Trying to buy PRO, but PayPal charging me for two

SquareHeartSquareHeart Member, PRO Posts: 69

So I'm trying to buy PRO, you wouldn't think that'd be hard would you?
Everytime I go to pay, there are two copies that it is charging me for (though the gamesalad cart only registers one).
though I love gamesalad, I don't want to buy it twice.
I'm no dummy (well..sometimes) , I've bought a PRO license before without a problem - Any help would be appreciated. :(

  • I've tried using 3 different browsers (just to cover off that angle) without any difference.


  • stahboystahboy Member, PRO Posts: 150

    I think it may be a glitch on the website, I have heard of a problem like this before. I would contact the GS team for help!

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