issue with viewer and Gamesalade new version.

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  • creator version 0.12.4
  • viewer 0.12.4
  • iPAD iOS8

  • Viewer app doesn't found Gamesalad creator, but found the network. (My Ipad doesn't appear in Gamesalad creator.)

  • I thought that my creator wasn't up to date, so I downloaded the 0.12.4 version from Gamesalad's web site and the viewer, but it stills not working...

Any suggestions?

sorry for my bad English...
Thank you!



  • TheFrogeekTheFrogeek Member Posts: 97


  • TheFrogeekTheFrogeek Member Posts: 97


  • AtomicFXAtomicFX Member Posts: 23

    I believe this happened to me too. If they are both the same versions they should work. Try disabling wifi on both your ipad and computer. Then enable it again. This worked for me. The Creator and Viewer connected after that.

  • GoodPuppyGamesGoodPuppyGames Member, PRO Posts: 14

    I have the same problem with my Ipad with 12.4 viewer, Gamesalad Creator Not Found.
    I have no problem with the Iphone 4s viewer........

  • ninjamasterdudeninjamasterdude Member Posts: 12

    Have Same problem on My iPad as well.

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