GS 0.12.4 Android app with IAP keeps crashing after players download update

izamizam Member, PRO Posts: 484

This almost always happens every time I upload a new version of my android game. A lot of players are experiencing crashes after updating the new version of my game. They are unable to start the game. It crashes after the startup screen shows. And this is a PAID app.

The first 1.0.1 version of my game uses API level 10. There were no reported crashes since May 2014 when I first submitted the game to the Play Store. Only after I published the updated version 1.0.2 of my game using Gamesalad 0.12.4 2 days ago and added the in-app purchase functionality this problem happened.
Many crash reports have started to come in from players who updated the game.

The first version uses API level 10.
This updated version uses API level 11.

When I got bad feedback from players saying the game crashes on start after they downloaded the updated game, I figured it might be because of the API level. So I republished and used API level 10 instead.

This did not solve the crash problems.

The only way this can be fixed is for players to delete the old version of my game and then re-download the latest version of my game from the Play Store.

This solution is not a good one because data from the game will be lost for good. Worse still when consumable in-app purchase had been made and this data is also lost.

I've already contacted GS Support regarding this and also submitted the crash reports as well as thread dumps.

Anybody have any idea what's going on here? Do you experience similar problem like this?



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