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Touch Slots...production update.

I think it's ok to post this here...not actually announcing publish yet...however...I just wanted to talk about a slots game I'm working on, how Im going about it an give some due props to certain people who have given guidance leading up to what I "feel" is going to be my best game yet.

Thursday's will be my first year anniversary using GS. I started with all sorts of struggles trying to learn this and that..I had my rants and raves. Taking advice from @The_Gamesalad_Guru‌ @Socks‌ BraydonSFX @tatiang‌ @jamie_c‌ and others...I now have a really clean game under development. I have drawn out all my scenes, have over 30 pages of hand written code for each scene...levels of files containing working, clean code with as little junk as I can possibly make...of my 13 beta testers...5 have downloaded my app so far and ALL OF THEM love it. One guy has played 6 hours in 2 days.

Just wanted to say thanks. I've spent more hours on this one game than all others combined. GS is da shiznit and I'm now at the point of knowledge with GS that Im starting to conceive things I want to do...and make them happen...even 6 months ago I was about to give I can't get enough.


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