Amazon Security Profile

I have submitted my second game to the Amazon Appstore, but I'm a bit confused.

Should I just associated this second app with the existing security profile that I have associated with my first game there?
Or should I make a new profile for this new game?

The reason why I am confused is that in the "Service > Amazon" tab inside my portfolio, I have to enter the API Key, and I realize that the API Key is the same for both games (if I just use the existing security profile).

And yes, I am hoping on getting a second free month incentive under the Amazon GS Incentive Program.

TQ in advance.


  • pokapolapokapola Member Posts: 143


    Nevermind, I missed the "add API" button at the bottom of the security profile.

    Blergh, this is such an embarassement, I wish I could delete my question above.

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