Issues Publishing - Please help!!

Und3rdog Studios searched these forums, Google and other resources to help resolve our issue. We have made a game for the iPhone and trying to publish to the iOS app store. I know there are relevant threads for this topic on the forums but they aren't up to date and specific enough for us.Don't link us to outdated tutorials please. If anyone would be willing to help in the process of setting up the proper provisions/processes please let us know. Donations will be made via Paypal for your help- if desired.

If you have skype and have knowledge(up to date-physical experience) of publishing iPhone apps using GameSalad to the app store. We are on a time crunch and need to get this app out. Please let us know and we'll setup a time!

No information regarding our accounts/game will be exposed. We will be asking for step by step processes if possible.


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