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Important info regarding the new IAP behaviours

gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEVPosts: 1,584Member

For those of you strugling with the new IAP behaviours in adhoc. I have found a bug in the system which make the IAP table crash (or wipe its data). This is cause by having a TIMER in the rule [if Purchased] you cannot currently (0.12.5) use a timer in this rule. If you do then it will crash the purchase and wipe the table and as a dirrect result of this, the game will hang in the shop. The players will not be able to repurchase anything.

The work around I have found that works for this is have a self attribute in the button and change that self.att to true when [purchased] then run a rule that triggers the timer and do what you want to do before like save att etc.

Also I have found that the "Change Scene" Behaviour CANNOT be placed in the [purchased] rule. So like before when we could make a purchase and then change scene to a purchase screen we cant do this inside this behaviour. It has to be in another rule. The reason for this is that when used in the [purchased] rule, it changes scene before the server changes (or saves not sure which) the table. So what happens is that everytime the player comes back to the shop they will automaticly get the comsunable item added again and then it will change scene automatically because the table gets stuck at purchased and cant clear.

Both the timer bug and change scene error will brake your IAP and in the case of google play will result in having to make new product IDs too. Because once you have made this mistake ONCE the user account that has made the purchase error freezes on the product ID so there is no way around it apart from new product IDs, compile, new IDs in google play store again etc.

I hope this helps you peeps with hanging stores....


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