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Stop scene

samuelsamuel Posts: 1Member
Hi guys
Im making a spaceshooter game as the one seen in the video tutorial.
i have two questions.
1.How kan i make my bakground stop moving to the left. it continues to movie after you reched the end of the level.
2. I have made a graphic helth display with help from the tut on the site.
But how do i make them diseperare when you die and how do i make my player to respawn?

Best Regards!


  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    Make an end of level rule. So for instance, if end of level is dictated by killing a set number of enemies or reaching a specific location on the X axis then keep track of that attribute.

    For example, game is over by killing 25 enemies. I would do this.

    Set a game.attribute called EnemiesKilled (integer)

    In your enemy unit, under where he is destroyed, also add a change attribute game.EnemiesKilled + 1.

    Wherever you have your rule for background moving, also put if EnemiesKilled < 25.
    (then move background)

    Under the HP Bar When EnemiesKilled = or > 25 destroy actor.

    Etc... I think you see the light now...
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