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Ride For Mother Russia (My first app so I require some feedback please)

Good day GSers,

A few days ago I already posted my game to this "Announce Your Game" category but did not receive any feedback. I did not clearly state I wanted feedback and afterwards for some reason was not able to edit my already posted topic. For this I take full blame. So I apologize for spamming you a second time but would really like to get some feedback from the pros.

My game is called "Ride for Mother Russia", it is a challenging endless runner that increases its difficulty quickly. The player needs to consider obstacles on the road and in the sky in order to get his/her highscore. With the highscore(s) also money is obtained which allows the player to purchase other oldschool vehicles. The goal of this game is to bring you back to the good old days of consoling whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Ride For Mother Russia is available in the Apple Appstore for the Iphone:

My Iphone/Ipad apps:

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