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Does anyone have some tips on Growing a Market for your App?

dimsdaledimsdale Posts: 385Member

I'd like to share our little adventure on Get Fiquette and ask what other people doing??

Won game of the month. Not really sure how that effected sales, but sure it helped. Maybe Touch Arcade picked up on our game because of this?? Anyways, the guys here are awesome! Thanks.

Feels like to total scam. We have around 500 likes I feel maybe 5 are really people (thanks mum!) We tried paid adverts and the few we got feel like fake people with pretty much nothing on there FB pages.

Google Plus-
Doesn't seem to do a thing.

From 128 followers we got maybe 2 retweets. Neither of us really understand Twitter anyways. We got 2 people that used the Twitter Button from within the App & one was from asking someone here on the Forum to test it for me.


Review Sites-

The guys at Touch Arcade where Awesome. Fiquette got to about 4th on there Hot Top games. The guys on the forums there loved the game plus we got a good review too.

New Gamer Nation gave us a great write up too but nothing much seem to came from it unfortunately.

Any other replies we got from Web Review Sites wanted money to review our game. We declined.

Price Drop on App Store-
Gave us a ten sale spike for a day. Has dropped back down to 1 sale after a few days.

Does anyone else have any better tactics??
Or interested in sharing there stories?



  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,869Member

    I believe I am one of your real FB friends :)
    I have no advice at all though. To me it seems totally random so I kinda stopped doing marketing.

  • dimsdaledimsdale Posts: 385Member
    edited September 2014

    Thanks Lumps :) I feel people are so sick of getting FB spam from any type of games now.

  • imGuaimGua Posts: 1,089Member
    edited September 2014

    I have no idea how to make money on mobile App Stores, will try my best with Steam.

  • dimsdaledimsdale Posts: 385Member

    Thanks Bro, I need that ;)

  • bobtheturtlebobtheturtle Posts: 221Member

    App reviews are a great way to get publicly and I agree with you, they all want money. I had some luck with this review website as they review for free.

  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,384Member, Sous Chef, PRO

    YouTube trailer?
    Try using sensor tower or something to do keyword optimization

  • BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member

    reward em for the social media interactions

    rate the game - yyy points
    tweet about the game - xxx points
    like on Facebook - xxxx points

    of course you can't really check if they did it after hitting the button
    but a good amount does finish through.

  • jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 610Member

    Don't from within your app ask a user to rate the game and offer them more points or an unlock etc as Apple will fail your game with the excuse your trying to fix review scores! You can sneak this in and hope the reviewer doesn't notice! Say after 50 deaths display the message and link etc!

    Just a heads up as it's failed a few of my games :)

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member
    edited November 2014

    Personally, I would do an update. You haven't updated the game since July? And reading the Touch Arcade review, this stood out

    It's not a very deep game, and once you get the hang of it, you'll probably plow through the entirety of Get Fiquette in a couple of hours. For your trouble, you'll unlock a new difficulty mode that really ramps things up, but you'll still be treading the same ground as before. A lot of the game's charm comes from the silly sight gags that crop up as you play, and they do lose some impact after the first time you've seen each of them

    I'd look at making improvements - maybe have mix up your gags, so different ones pop off at your spawn points, instead of the same ones - add new ones.

    And I would look at maybe a rename? The characters name is cool but if you want to increase down loads, I'd look at appealing to a wider audience. Kids who like goofy type games won't be searching for FIQUETTE.

    Maybe something like 'Stop Thief: Get Fiquette' as a sub line.

    The thing with twitter and social media in general, is that you need to make regular posts and it doesn't always have to be about your product - but you slip links in for that every other day or so.

    So retweeting stuff you have seen thats game related is good, Tech news about mobiles, and ALWAYS use #hashtags

    I use #gamedev #indiedev #indie and get lots of retweets. Right now, I am not looking for extra followers, but they have started to come since doing this.

    NEVER spend a penny on facebook advertising. They use click farms and you will end up with lots of Likes, but hardly a bugger will download your game

    Finally, I would make a 'lite' version with adverts to give players a taster.

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  • dimsdaledimsdale Posts: 385Member

    Thanks for all the feed back. @jigglybean thanks for all your suggestions too. We have just ran out of spare time to do anything at the moment. My job is dead for 6mouths and then crazy for the rest. Soon I hope to get back into it.

  • EbreezeEbreeze Posts: 481Member, PRO

    sorry to be so blunt, there's not too much you can do . release it on more platforms to make money, take the code and some art and release a second version or similar type game right away

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