Why can't I publish my video or animation?

SRPentSRPent Member, PRO Posts: 10

Hi, it's my first question and I need quick support in this:

First I make my video or animation, then everything is ok until GameSalad starts being weird and the screen isn't right, but well, I could still work. Then when I try to publish it says: 1 minute... then 5 minutes... then 12 minutes... and then says something about time limit or something like that. It weights 10.2 MB, it's important to make it done soon. I could publish it but it didn't had sound and it ran slow and it was all glitchy. It had been an hours and days of working on this and the sound... Can someone please help me fast, but really fast, because its a project I need for 9/28/2014 at the latest? Please. It's in spanish, but that's not the point. I also tried turning on/off the computer, but it doesn't works.



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