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Problem with an interpolation

Hello, i have an invisible actor as a wall and i have other invisble actor as actor camera with the behaviour control camera and also y have an actor hero, the actor camera controls the wall with the rule after 2 seconds change attribute, when the attribute is true the wall starts to move to the end of the scene that is 10000 x 768 , all looks ok, but if a press pause button the interploation of the wall actor don,t work fine , can you help me?


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,907Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    It's not clear from your explanation what is happening when you press the pause button. Does the interpolating actor stop moving? Does it keep moving?

    You might want to try making your own interpolation which makes it possible to start and stop it:

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  • agueisagueis Posts: 420Member

    Hi tatiang, this is odd in gamesalad creator of mac all works ok and don,t work when i preview in ipad.
    When i press the pause button in ipad and the press the button continue ,
    the interpolation go faster(the invisible wall) .
    here are the rules i´m using:

    actor1: control camera , after 0.2 seconds move direction 0,0 speed 230
    actor wall: after 1.6 seconds : interpolate self.position.x to 8940 duration 39.3, linear

  • agueisagueis Posts: 420Member


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