Best way to display best time... or work around ?

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Hi Guys

I am putting the finishing touches to a game. I think that to have a timing element to it will improve longevity of the game, a reason to keep playing so as to beat your best time.

Anyway, I have been looking on the forum and it seems a lot of people are having the same trouble of recording 'A Best Time' i.e if the time is beaten, achieve quicker time than before they can not display the improved time...

What is the best way of doing this ??

Now, I have seen there are several ways of doing similar things:

  • Record time factor for each level by... saving and loading attributes
  • Record time factor for each level by... using tables

from what I have worked out, tables seems a good way for me, but having worked out how to save scores, collectables etc to save a best time (quicker time), seems rather complex.

If someone was able to do a walk through tut for this @Tshirtbooth I think it would solve a lot of questions on the forum. If I could I would.

What would a good work around time be, a health bar and give points for how much time is left or try to record a time ??

thanks guys



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