0.12.4 creator working fine, but shows issue when working on 0.12.4 android viewer

Hello Everyone,

After upgrading to 0.12.4 release, my game is working fine on creator (0.12.4), but its showing missing images and missing behaviours on the android viewer(0.12.4) on my device (galaxy nexus). I am unable to open my game in as the game was created in an earlier version i.e 0.12.4.

After looking at few discussions, I noticed that 0.12.4 has been made a RC and is a stable release now.

I tried the following tests:

  1. Open an old game(created using with 0.12.4 creator and viewer: unexpected behaviour (many actors not working properly) and missing images

  2. Open the same old game ( in point 1) with creator and viewer: normal behaviour, likewise the creator

My question is that the above mentioned behaviour in 0.12.4 is expected, or I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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