Math-A-Dot - Simple memory math mobile game!

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Hello guys,

I am really happy to inform you about my second game called Math-A-Dot.

Everyone has played games where you connect dots of the same color. Math-A-Dot looks a bit different:

  • 4 different colors of dots (green, red, yellow and blue)
  • Every color has its own value (Green 1, Red 2, Yellow 3 and Blue 4)
  • Clicking and dragging your finger over dots will add their value until you release your finger.
  • In order to gain scores you have to meet the desired number (e.g. a number 8 is what the game is looking for... after connecting dots which total value is 8, you get 20 points)
  • 4 different MODES (Time Trial, Time Trial +-, 5s-A-Move, 10Moves)
  • Memorize the value of every color (since values are shown only in the tutorial before every mode, you have to memorise them)


  • Time Trial - 30 seconds countdown timer to make the best score!
  • Time Trial +- - 30 seconds countdown timer, but every successful move adds 1 second whereas every wrong move takes 3 seconds away of your time.
  • 5s-A-Move - Instead of having 30 seconds total time, you have 5 seconds a move!
  • 10 Moves - 30 seconds countdown timer, every 10 successful moves reset the timer to 30 seconds, also the colours' values change (the change is shown just for 2 seconds).

The game is still under development (~80%). Things such as:

  1. Time Trial +- mode is still under development
  2. Highscores for every mode
  3. Music and sound FXs are missing.

I am open to any suggestions regarding the game! Feel free to share! :)

If you guys feel that my upcoming game deserves its release for both iOS and Android devices, feel free to contribute to the project below as much as you wish!

There is a video of a short gameplay in the Indiegogo project below!

Excuse me for the bad quality of audio of the video!

Indiegogo Project Link

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