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Apple Store ... oughhhhh

Subhi A.Subhi A. Posts: 21Member

I am upset, i have my game done since 3 weeks and still have no idea how to put it in apple store.

any one can direct me to a page where step-by-step explained very easy and clear?


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  • Subhi A.Subhi A. Posts: 21Member

    thanks alot, i will check it out

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

    @[email protected].com‌ They were pretty recent. Some thing s have changed a bit in the app stores iTunes connect pages. I intend on making a new series. IOS8 has made things change a bit. If you need help still after checking out my vids...I can help via Skype if you need in the evenings...-6GMT.

  • stahboystahboy Posts: 150Member, PRO

    Make sure to upload your build through the application loader and then select the build in your app info tab! The prerelease tab shows you all the builds you have uploaded. And if you goof up on build 1.0 you have to name the next one 1.0.1 in order to upload it. Apple will reject builds with the same version number now in this new itunesconnect

  • Subhi A.Subhi A. Posts: 21Member

    thanks gentlemen you all helped me a lot, it worked since 7 days, but the game still waiting for review since then, i check it 10 times per day 'cause i am so excited.

    how much it take to approve it ? any idea??

    and if i did an update, it will take same time to review??

    thanks again..

  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,384Member, Sous Chef, PRO

    it'll take a few days. i've had it take as long as 14, typical is about a week, but i've had it as short as a day or two.

    updates take a similar amount of time. usually slightly shorter, but don't expect it.

    it's a painful wait, especially for that first release! but now is the time to do some marketing! put together a youtube trailer and a youtube gameplay video. email out some press releases to review websites, but don't pay for any 'expedited review'.

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