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GS 0.10.5 Beta crashed during Preview

ElipeliElipeli Posts: 0Member

Hi there, I gave chance to GS for game development and installed this version at first to my laptop (i3, 4GB RAM, AMD graphic card, Win7Pro 64) and even installation passed fine, GS crashed with demo template I got from GS web site during preview. Then I installed on PC based on similar hardware and strength, with more MS Visual C++ Redistributable libraries but same effect. My friend installed same GS on PC with weaker CPU and with less RAM, just Win7Pro 32 and worked fine. I though then that GS likes "only" 32-bit OS, so I get PC with Win7 32 bit and only one MS Visula C++ 2010 Redistr. 10.0.40219 but same issue there too! :s What Visual C++ GS need to work properly? Is there some rule, or it's just up to this beta version!?
Thank you for your time and advices.

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