Display Text stops working

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This is using the 10.5 Windows Creator.

I have an actor that displays the score of my game. Randomly, it will stop working and never go above zero. However, the actual score variable that the display text is meant to display is accurate, however that specific actor's display text will not work. This persists indefinitely until create ANOTHER actor, with the same display text, that actor will work, but the original one will not.

If i replace the original actor with the new one, the new one will eventually stop working until i recreate it again. I am having to re-create about 3 labels every couple days because they randomly stop displaying the variables they are set to display, even though the variables are correct.

Another situation is, I have a variable called "Specials". It's a counter of how many specials are left to be used. When it is used, the triggering action will do a -1 to the Specials variable. The counter displaying how many specials will still read "3", but in reality it is knocking it down to 2. I know this because I can exhaust all 3 specials, bringing the variable down to 0, stopping me from using the special again, but the display.text = game.specials will still read 3.

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