solid but moveable wall

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I've had a problem figuring this out, I'm making a side scroller, but I want to keep the user on the screen by having a wall that moves at the same speed as the camera, but I'm having some difficultly:

1. If I uncheck the "moveable" option, the wall functions as I want to, but it won't move, so when the camera starts moving, the user can go off screen.

2. If I check the "moveable" option, the wall moves like I want it to, but rotates around it's center, spinning around. I've tried making the friction upwards of 1000, which makes it harder to spin, but it does still spin.

How can I make a wall that won't rotate and stays in a fixed position, but travels along the game?


Is there an easier way to keep an actor from leaving the rigth / left sides of the screen as it's moving?


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    You could try putting the wall in a new layer, and uncheck scrollable?
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