Getting featured on app review site

Hi all,

Just a quick question: would a review on an app review site such as,, drive a significant number of downloads of your game?

There are so many app review sites and I just want to know if it's actually worth taking the time to try and get a review.




  • WbokoWboko Tennessee, USAMember, PRO Posts: 621

    Hi @NattyBits,

    Yes, reviews would drive people to your game... however, the sites you mentioned receive a lot of request for reviews so make sure you have a great game for them to review..

    Good Luck!

  • dimsdaledimsdale Member Posts: 385

    Yes, it's very worth getting reviewed, but unless you pay someone to review your game, it very hard to get the bigger sites to have a look.

  • bobtheturtlebobtheturtle Member Posts: 226

    I agree with everyone above, you should try smaller review websites like since they probably dont get very many request or are more open to indie reviews. Hope that helps.

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