New Marketplace feature request!


I recently read that some changes were coming to the marketplace. I am vey excited as I have always wanted to use it but it feels too cluttered and almost impossible to find some things.
What I would love to see are some of the following:

  • Have an Icon for each template (the developer can add themselves) - rather than an image of a screenshot of the template. I find other sites do this and very easy to search for what you want.

  • Have the option to add a video, and more than one image of what the template is. For me personally I don't like it when the developer doesn't provide a link for a video and just has the one image. Would be easier to see what I would be receiving.

  • Would be nice to be able to see 'More' by the developer or artist. I currently haven't figured a way to do this, but a little list of icons below would be great.

  • Would be nice to have multiple images in the one image if all that is changing is the colour. If you type 'Balloon' you will see around 10 of the same balloon but with a different colour. Its really just clutter things up.

  • Maybe some quality control as to what gets accepted, Like mentioned before there are over 10 ballon images selling individual with a simple colour change. Or a black circle, or a semi-circle.

  • Top 10 most popular would be great, or the current 'whats popular' section redone to look more tidier and easier to use. Icons do a good job of this.

I thought since a new design was in the works I would try and express my experience and feedback on the site and hope some of them get included.

Many Thanks,

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