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PhotoShop Help

tmoritz702tmoritz702 Posts: 11Member
I'm using PhotoShop for my images, but every time i save and load it into gamesalad theres a visible box around the image. For example a circle, when I drag it into the preview screen you see the box around the circle.


  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    In Photoshop, you need to save all your images with "Save for Web..."

    Choose PNG-24 as your output file format.
  • tmoritz702tmoritz702 Posts: 11Member
    still getting box around image, although background is now transparent. There has to be a way to just save the image and not the work space around it too. I don't have this problem when using illustrator. You think I should lasso and crop image, and then save?
  • jweaver911jweaver911 Posts: 439Member
    Are you referring to the collision size/shape of your image? If so, then you basically need to crop it as tight as you can in Photoshop and use the "circle" collision shape in the actor physics attributes...
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    magic eraser is your friend!
    And of course like FMG said, save for web and devices

    Although i have never had a box appear around and I dont think I ever do anything special to avoid a box

    VERY IMPORTANT - if you do crop to get as tight as possible, make sure your images are even numbers.
    for example 128x64 is good 127x64 not good

    You can crop for the size you want and then hit "canvas size" to jump up or down one pixel to ensure even dimensions

  • tmoritz702tmoritz702 Posts: 11Member
    Thanks Guys, basically trying to get rid of canvas or make it smaller after save. Lasso and cropping while saving as web worked. Thanks again for the help.
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