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Hey everyone,
i am developing an app sort of like the easy button except with multiple sounds and scenes(17 to be exact). i was wondering if there was a way to make a random scene generator so that when i hit play or tap the screen to play the next sound it plays a sound in random order and will not repeat sounds until all have been played. by the way each sound is on a different scene so right now when i press the button it changes scenes but also plays a sound. at the moment the sounds are random but sometimes repeat themselves often. Thank you to anyone who can help me out.


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    Here's a demo I made with Mac Creator. The general idea is to place the scene numbers in each row of a table and then choose a random table row and delete that row as you change to the scene referenced in the table cell in that row.

    Note that scenes 2-6 are identical. I just option-dragged the 2nd scene to create additional scenes. The same could be done for 17 scenes as long as the master table was updated to contain all possible values (2 through 18).

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  • thank you this helped out a lot

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