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Kindle HDX sound problem fixed?

Hi guys,

I read here >>

that the Kidle HDX sound problem has been resolved, but I don't understand how. Is it on the new GS Creator Version. I using windows.
Is anyone else having this problem? When publishing on the amazon app store?



  • BlackCloakGSBlackCloakGS Posts: 2,250Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    Windows uses the older version of our android engine (0.10.5) which has the audio bug. The Mac creator uses the newer android engine (0.12) which does not have the bug. We will be updating the Windows Creator to use the newer android engine when we release the next version of Windows Creator. Sorry for the confusion.

  • wilsongaluchowilsongalucho Posts: 180Member

    ok thanks for clarifying @BlackCloakGS‌ .. atm i cant open my project on mac, i opened a ticket regarding this issue, i believe its assigned to you @BlackCloakGS‌ ;)

  • mc99093mc99093 Posts: 133Member, PRO

    here is a program that lets convert the file from pc to mac it may be able to help you.

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