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New Release: Zompy Jumpy

8BitAvrin8BitAvrin Posts: 361Member, PRO
edited October 2014 in Announce Your Game!

I felt like taking a break from other apps I'm working on to make a challenging game with simple gameplay that's kind of I made Zompy Jumpy.

Available for FREE on the following app stores......



Google Play:

Zompy Jumpy

Zip up your tracksuit and see how long you can survive jumping over a hoard of dancing zombies. Eat a granola bar to add health. Jump & double jump to avoid zombies. Simple yet challenging gameplay.

√ Retro graphics

√ Retro audio

√ Dancing zombies

√ Colorful tracksuits

√ Game Center(Apple) or GameCircle(Amazon) leaderboard

Website post:

WebsiteTwitter ∞ My apps are available on: Apple iOS App StoreGoogle Play App StoreAmazon App Store


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