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New IAP feature buggy? Weird things happening for me.

AJaymzAJaymz Member, PRO Posts: 164
edited October 2014 in Miscellaneous

I closed out the game right after making a purchase (bomb). Something happened and the consumable IAP is stuck on "purchased". So whenever I enter a level it automatically adds a bomb to use. And if I close out the game and get back into it to resume it prompts me to login to itunes to make the purchase. The purchase is stuck somehow. Only way I can fix this is to rename the consumable IAP through apple if I want to still use my test account or other wise it's stuck being purchase where I cant test. I'm just afraid of this happening to someone who's playing my game. Hopefully it won't do this if they lose connection or some reason exit the app during a purchase. Maybe it was just the adhoc. who knows.

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