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Monkey Business: Revenge on the tree intruder! (Free for Iphone & Ipad)

SemiSemi Posts: 17Member
edited October 2014 in Announce Your Game!


After a heavy night of clubbing with Tarzan and Baloo, Harold The Monkey was walking home and as he got close he saw a pair of shorts hanging from a branch.

Taking them down he saw that it were one of the special shorts he received from his Nana. Arriving at his tree he noticed somebody was already in it. As he asked who it was and what this person was doing, a voice screamed “Get lost, this is now all mine”.

There seemed to be a mischievous koala in the tree who had thrown all of Harold’s stuff out. After kindly asking with no result, Harold concluded that the only way to get his tree back is to whip out his special bananas and take care of some Monkey Business…

Free download for Iphone/Ipod:

Free download for Ipad:

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  • circlelinecircleline Posts: 37Member, PRO

    It's a really good game! I like it.. If you can work on the graphics(buttons and all that) it would be good because it was kinda camoflauge and it was hard to find my way..

  • SemiSemi Posts: 17Member

    @circleline thnx for the feedback. I got this idea from few others aswell so am glad you confirm it. I put it on my next update list. During the first level I plan to have some clear indication you need to hold and release in order to throw the banana.

    My Iphone/Ipad apps:

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