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GSInvention is looking for an artist to join our team!

-Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,313Member
edited October 2014 in Help Wanted

Hello all!

We have been making free and paid templates for some time now and from the beginning we used art from the internet or we made it ourselves. Now we think it's time to make our templates better with some nice art! unfortunately neither of us are good at making art. That's why we are looking for a professional artist who is willing to join our team!

We are looking for a professional talented artist who can do different styles and gives his own ideas of what is best.

what you will be doing? what you will get in return?
you will help us creating art for our templates. earnings will be split even to all people who worked on it. We want to keep it fair and give the money which you earn! Mostly you will be working working with one of our developers on one template at the time. Mostly you will earn 50% of the template earnings.

Our developers also make private games which need art also. the earnings you get depends on the developer and on the people who work on the game. mostly there is also a music and sound composer working on the game. earnings will always be split fairly on how much work is done by the certain person.

you will also get a separate page where you can sell or give away your art on our site (
you will get full earning of all art sold which is made by you.

You also can be hired via our site. we will add a contact page where they can message you on your own e-mail domain name ([email protected])
you will be responsible for all these messages and it will be your own decision if you accept the job or not.

if you are interested in joining our team please mail us ( [email protected] ) or PM me with examples of your work.
if you have questions you can also mail us or PM me. We will respond to you as fast as we can.

We hope to receive many exiting messages with nice art!

Best Regards,

The GSInvention Team


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