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TouchTiltGamesTouchTiltGames Posts: 1,162Member
edited October 2014 in Announce Your Game!

Hey guys,

I haven't been on here for quite some time. Probably 2 years. I've made many games in the past with GS, including: Tiny Diggers, Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus, Spazcon, Rodent Rage and Awesome Upstander. Tiny Diggers still to this day after 3 years does pretty good. Gamesalad helped me get started for the most part, I mean I've been an Interactive Designer for a long time, but GS is an excellent launch pad in so many ways.

I now own a game company with studio space and we're hard at work on our first IP. So I just wanted to mention our new game called Buildanauts, made with Unity which was inspired by Tiny Diggers made with Gamesalad - is in development. You can check out our Greenlight page if you're a Steam user vote for us, and here's the official site We're all over on other sites but I didn't want to spam you. ;)

Buildanauts is an open-world city construction simulator where you can build a town from the ground-up, then attract townsfolk and manage their expectations. We're still early in development but hope to have an Alpha build out in December.

For those of you still on here that I used to chat with, hello!

Our latest Pre-Alpha trailer:

TouchTilt Games


  • mearlmearl Posts: 3Member

    Looks cool!
    And like it would take a lot of work to build!
    Interested to see the final product

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