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I have worked on two games solo in the past, the first was done in Unity 3D and is no longer available due to a mass computer malfunction wrecking all the source code, and it having many bugs. It was made and released in my freshman year of highschool, an arcade third person shooter.

The second game, I made in Gamesalad when I was introduced to it in one of my college classes, released it to the Appstore and it is currently available at this link Color Blaster.

It is a reaction based game where there are random enemies falling from the top of the screen and you have to tap the corresponding color at the bottom to shoot them down. I have another two games in progress but both projects are currently on hold.

I'm looking for some small projects to work on to not only increase my skills but also to make some money on the side if possible. I don't know a ton about rates and stuff but I work hard and since I'm skilled but still learning would be pretty cheap to hire. Thanks,



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    hi Astrauk, i would love to get in touch with you about some tutorials, im new at this xD

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    I am new to game development, I have however written business applications for over 20 years, and have made a reasonable living.

    I have lots and lots of games in mind, most of them puzzles, I also have some very special ideas on how they can be linked.

    I want to work with the coding rather than just handing it over to someone else.


  • I would be willing to help!

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    @Stop Sign Studios Inc. said:
    I would be willing to help!

    This is @Astrauk‌ 's thread for custom coding. Butting in and saying that you can do the work on his coding thread is kind of rude.

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    @FINNBOGG said:


    You must be immune to such hammer.

    Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una

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    @Astrauk i got 2 game concepts to do, contact me if your free

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    Awww. I'm not that bad. I keep it honest. And everything I've said about the current platform has been touched on by just about everyone now that graphemes is out. GO GO GRAPHENE!!! I'm in your corner.

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    @Astrauk - I would like to chat about a game that I would like to possibly work on with you.

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    @Astrauk I would like to speak with you as well, if you are still available. I have sent email to 2 others on these forums. I am also learning what is needed to produce a game from front to end - the type of documentation needed to hand over to you, fees, etc. Please feel free to contact me if interested.

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    I want to recommend this guy. He built me the base for my game in GameSalad within 2 days, and he did it quality :) Thank you @Astrauk

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    Trusting any unknowns especially when that person only has one or two posts is a bit like jumping out from the top of the Eiffel tower without parachute or wing suit and then hoping to be able to learn to fly on the way down for a safe landing

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    I apologize to anyone who posted in this thread, I have finished two projects now one for kabarovsky (thanks for the recommendation). I am still available for projects, if you are interested I'd be grateful if you would send me a pm about it, easier for me to keep track of and have a conversation with you. Thanks

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    After quite a long break I am again available for work, like MarcMySalad pointed out, trusting an unknown such as myself who has few posts is not always the safest plan, but I am legit, and if people are looking to hire me I'm sure we can work out a deal that allows for the greatest safety of both parties. If you would like examples of my work or would like to test my abilities, I can quickly knock up a prototype of your choice. I am not the most experienced GameSalad user out there, but I am proficient and really could use a job. I'm looking for smaller projects to work on. PM me for my rates. Thanks!

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    @helenwagner - Try googling GameSalad tutorials on YouTube. There are countless video tutorials that should help you get started!

    I'm going to close this thread, though - it's almost 5 years old. :)

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