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Does anybody know how to publish an app into the application loader so i can submit my build to apple?


  • metametmetamet Posts: 80Member, PRO

    Have you read the cookbooks? Are you stuck on particular step? I went from 0 knowledge to submission in a matter of hours. You shouldn't need to be handheld.

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

    After signing your app with an App Store distribution provisioning profile...right click and compress file. This will create a zipped file of your app.

    Open xcode...then click on first tab called xcode..go down to developer will pop a window to access the Aplication there.

    Then with upload your file choose below...find your zipped file...also click the activity button to see the progress of upload.

    When its done you will have a binary inserted in your iTunes Connect portal of your app...from there you need to make sure all your info has been put in (metadata)....before submitting for review you must choose the build you wish to use. Apple now allows more than one build to be uploaded...this can be a bit confusing so make sure you are upkoading a very good build...a well ad hoc tested version.

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