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Amazon Kindle Fire Promo question

Budge85Budge85 Posts: 4Member

hey guys, totally new to gamesalad here and thought this promo is a good time to try it, for the free month of Pro. My question is however, do we get the Pro features included when submitting a kindle Fire app for this promo? Like having our own ads, no gamesalad interstitials, and in app purchases etc?


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    I don't think you do. However, when you get your free pro month, theres nothing stopping you updating your app and adding them in later

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  • Budge85Budge85 Posts: 4Member

    Good shout! cheers

  • Budge85Budge85 Posts: 4Member

    Actually, they say 'take advantage of the new in app purchase features' so maybe they are included?

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