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I was just wondering about something, I've noticed lots of cool business names, like maybe, Color Blue Studios, or AppleTree Studios and so on. I want to come up with a studio name for myself and was just wondering if there was a legal process for this or can I just come up with something and start using it?


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    @edcosine‌ Some people tend to just use whatever name they want, but fail to realize that the name is not legally theirs. If someone else comes along and registers that name then you are legally obligated to stop using it. If that name already belongs to someone else, then you are probably looking at a lawsuit.

    What you need to do is research on the proper steps to legally register a corporation, LLC etc. Each state has their own way of doing things. Best bet is to contact a lawyer that specializes on business filings and trademarks. It can be somewhat of a long process but worth it in the long run.

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    Thanks raycur09

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