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Gaming Character & Animation Services

dapitangraphicscorpdapitangraphicscorp Posts: 76Member

Hi Mates,

Yes! Were back, We are now accepting new jobs to work......
We have a Solid Team to make you happy with our services :)

dapitangraphicscorp is a Competitive Graphics Online Provider Solution
We assure our Clients Fully Satisfied with our Services.From Idea to Scratch and turn into Reality and Bring More to life. Incredible and realistic yet Low Prices from Character Illustration to Animation that will surely fit to your requirements.

We can provide you a Fully Original Character
All Drawings must hand drawn first before it goes in color.
Colors Scheme with correct Lightning Effects, Shadows to form 2D procedure
Ensuring Quality that will surely fits to your requirments.

Feel Free to visit our new website :

Email: [email protected]
Skpye : aldin.b.dapitan

Thanks & Happy to serve you!



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