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eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
Can anyone suggest a book the follows GameSalad game logic. Something covering math expressions, actions, rules and behaviors. I know that there is the wiki but I would love to get a book that covers this stuff. Also, is Game Salad code java or action script? I am a design guy not code dude. Any help would be great.. Thanks.


  • dandan Posts: 28Member, Chef Emeritus
    A GameSalad book would be great, but there isn't one (yet). The reference library section of the wiki is the closest thing right now.

    Some useful points are:

    The behaviors reference:

    The expression editor reference (explains the math functions):

    Also the tutorials and how-to sections might also come in handy:
  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    Thanks but what is the logic based on. Is there some reference for the math expressions I can get in book form?
  • SDMGSDMG Posts: 280Member
    hmm... i think the logic is based on ...logic(?)

    the math you have to use is simple + - * / and so on ...

    for specific tasks you can simply google stuff like:

    modulo? or how to get the radius of a circle? (geometry?)
    you will also find similar explanations for floor-functions etc in google...

    and like others already have said you can find all that in the wiki too.

    To learn more about the logic in games i would google for "game" "design" and "patterns" but i assume you will find stuff that is far more complicated than GS...

    So to get very very basic stuff you could maybee try to search for programming for kids... i think there you will get the logic explained from the ground.
    At the beginning of the year i have tried to read some books about programming, object orientated programming languages etc. ... while i have always tried to get books for the very beginner , the learning curve was that steap (!)... the books started very easy but already in the middle they got that complicated that i have thrown them against the wall ;)
    I have tried to read them again and again and after a long time you understand more and more ... but its not easy ... (learning GS by try and error, using the wiki and forum is much easier(!)

    I really would recommend you to start with very (!) simple game-ideas... create them in GS ... put your questions in the forum... and make the next game a little more complicated...

    Good Luck!

  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    Ok, thank you! :)
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