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Hi to all :)

c0ppoc0ppo Posts: 15Member

Greetings fellow developers,

I come from a small country called Croatia, I have been a developer for past 11 years, mostly web development, but some game development as well (but not too much). So decided to give a indie games a go, and saw that gamesalad bought playstogether got me interested in gamesalad :)

Now, I have spent last 2 days with gamesalad. Excellent engine, and remarkably simple to use. I've already built two simple games without any problems, so gonna go for pro licence and try to do my best and get some mobile games up and running before Christmas :)

Now I have a few simple questions for pro users, and GS staff since I can't try out beta of playstogether. I already asked a basic question on another thread, so I will ask a few more in my introduction post ;)

1) Does GS and playstogether support matchmaking for async multiplayer games?
2) If so, do you support random matchmaking with custom values (levels of players?)?
3) Leaderboards and custom leaderboards?

I want to first put out a few simple games, and then get started on my main project that got me interested in indie game development in the first place. Those 3 questions can help me to decide if I can start that project ASAP, or just stick to plain games until it is possible.

Anyway, nice community, excellent engine, and pretty simple game making. If I could just draw and use graphic programs, sky would be the limit :dizzy_face:


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