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Hi all
This is a strange one. I have 2 games, one using the old IAP rules and one using the new one. Game A was working fine until the changes, Game B is working fine on Google Play with IAPs.

However, on Amazon - both are getting the same message from their testing team and I am bang out of ideas. Game A is currently live and the IAP is now not working with the error message '5. An error message"An error occurred while processing your purchase" is displayed.

Game A passed the IAP testing before my update and is live with IAP but gets the same error message, as I tried it again yesterday.

The IAP process will actually take you all the way to the payment gate, and thats where it appears to fail. So I am thinking its more than just code here.

I decided to update this with the new IAP rules but every single day now, both games are being rejected for this very same reason. The rules are fine, everything worked/s in testing but the same error message appears for both games, according to Amazon dev team.

I've redone the IAPs, checked/double checked the tables/names etc and everything looks fine but yet the error still appears.

Does anyone else have any ideas, or is this a new issue with Gamesalad and IAPs on Amazon with the new IAP tables? Because it seems funny how one works on google play, but not on Amazon.

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  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    bump. because this is really annoying me.

    The purchase table, the call back/product ID all match and works on google play, but on Amazon, the actual purchase (when you press to confirm buy) fails after you press it to login etc.

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