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Translation & localisation - do you?

With the global impact of gaming reaching further than every before thanks to mobile, localisation has never been more important to try and boost success of your app.

There is a difference between translation and localisation - Translation is indeed a huge and very important part of localisation. What localisation tries to overcome is not only the language barrier, but the cultural barrier as well.

A handy tool I have come across is Google Sheets. Note, this only works in Chrome.

Essentially its an excel spreadsheet but here you can use Google Translate to do the hard work of translating your copy. To find out more on how it works, click here

Very simple and effect and a cheaper way of reaching out to other territories for downloads. Sure, translator isn't the best - so unless you have a pool of money, or can understand several languages, its a start.

Hope it helps

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  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,593

    Thanks for the tip and of course everyone is entitled to use whatever service they like but I would suggest NOT relying on Google Translate for your translation. Instead hire a live translator, yes it will be more expensive but you will get much better results.

    As a user/player when I read a poor, obvious mechanical translation, I find it annoying that someone did not take the time to translate to my language correctly. Maybe this is because I'm in the business and am familiar with the options, maybe 'just a game player' would not be bothered, but it does bother me.

    I feel like if you're going to bother to translate your game to another language you should take the time and expense to do it 100% correct or not do it at all.

    As you mention Google is a cheap/free method for users without a pool of money but I'd be afraid I'd do more harm than good by getting an incorrect translation.

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    Totally agree. You can't beat hiring someone who speaks the mother tongue and that's probably the most important part of localisation of a game. A translator tool can't understand phrasing for example.

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  • BitvorkBitvork Member Posts: 117

    BTW: I didn't see any positive results with translated screenshots, videos, game strings and marketing texts in downloads. I was shocked that there was no impact. Talking about my "Tram Tycoon" game (fully translated). Maybe ARPU is a little bit better...

  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,593
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