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[Template] "Danger Cats!" with new resources

thank you for this powerful tool.

I'm looking for the template to make a game similar to "Danger Cats!"

here I found different templates

  1. Alien Conquerors
  2. Basic Shoot ‘Em Up
  3. Basic Table Tennis
  4. Cannon Physics
  5. Cave Adventure
  6. Commenting Feature
  7. Crazy Ball Wall Breaker
  8. Keyboard Entry Demo
  9. Official Cross-Platform Controller
  10. OSTime Demo
  11. Overscan Example Templates
  12. Pachinko
  13. Platformer
  14. Space Rocks Template


  • cincincincin Posts: 10Member

    I think "Pachinko" is the template/tutorial more similar to "Danger Cats!" but I need:

    • three actors
    • different objects to destroy with a click
    • the base to save the three actors

    I do not think is so simple to start, so if someone in future is able to share a template/tutorial similar to "Danger Cats!", very thanks: )

  • cincincincin Posts: 10Member

    Hey Guys, I'm very happy, I found the template:

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