Create 2D art for games, BlackFriday Sale, and special offer!

Hey everyone, I would like to promote my current Udemy course on Creating 2D art for games with a BlackFriday sale

if you signup between now and the end of November, using coupon code bfriday2014

you can get the entire course for just $7, that's over 7+ hours of content for.

Also, anyone that is enrolled prior to my new course coming out, will get a special offer to join the new course at a deep discount. The new course is already being built, and on schedule for completion in a few weeks.

The new course will be focused on creating monsters, where we will create a dozen different 2D creatures you can use in your own games, and learn my techniques to build your own. We will begin with an actual hand drawn basic sketch concept, then take that concept and build the components in the Drawplus X6 application, add in the shading/highlights, and then create animation frames. A sample of the monsters we will create include, a Bat, beetle, spider, skeleton, goblin, ogre, and more!

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