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Is SparkyBird really "Flappy Bird on Steroids"?

LingoLordsLingoLords Houston, TexasPosts: 26Member, PRO

Although SparkyBird has been coined the "Flappy Bird on Steroids" game, I'd like it to be considered, the "What Flappy Bird should have been" game.

In a nut shell, the functionality is spot on. You tap the screen to make Sparky flap. But that's it!!! Everything else is crazy different. No pipes, no dying when he hits the ground, no shoddy graphics, extra starting lives, weapon acquisition, real enemies (ground, air, and big bosses, some of which throw shock balls and dynamite sticks), bonus levels, multiple missions (100 to be exact), super powers, an achievement board, unlock levels, an extensive store where you can buy amazing upgrades, or usable super-bugs, get Free Stuff when you buy things, AND it has a story-line (ie. a purpose) for the game... So yea, Flappy Bird, he is not!!

In full description... SparkyBird is a very challenging game about animal testing gone wrong. Sparky and Purdy were stripped from their love nest by Evil Scientists for immoral animal testing and torture. SparkyBird needs to eat fireflies (and other bugs) for powers and weapons, to battle a network of enemies that are like robots, and rescue his terrified true love.

Sparky starts his quest in Houston, Texas, and travels through 100 major cities around the world to save his PurdyBird in Hong Kong, China. Sparky is now an angry, flapping, shooting, unstable, radioactive, super-bird, with a vengeance to destroy illegal animal test facilities around the world, to save her.

Start your game with 3 lives. Tap the screen to make Sparky flap. Avoid touching the enemies, or shoot 'em down with your Spitfire. When you land, a ground enemy will emerge. You can shoot them too. Eat fireflies for special powers to destroy the bad guys. Tap the left side of screen (behind Sparky) to shoot when you have firepower and enemies are within range. You have to destroy several enemies for the Evil Scientist to come out. Your survival depends on getting through the mission and destroying the masked villain by shooting him 10 times by the end of the 90 second energy timer.

Missions 1 through 5 are the weapon training levels. You'll receive more goodies after mission 5... as well as more stress.

So, should SparkyBird be considered the "Flappy on Roids", or the "What He Should Have Been" game? You decide... SparkyBird is available at all the app stores, and the website


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    @MoneyButtonZ said:
    Although SparkyBird has been coined the "Flappy Bird on Steroids" game, I'd like it to be considered, the "What Flappy Bird should have been" game.


    As you very aptly describe, besides the basic control scheme, this has nothing to do with Flappy Bird whatsoever.

    Some thoughts:

    1) I would recommend a change in marketing strategy. Stop associating with Flappy Bird altogether, because besides your game being completely different (thus it cannot be FB on steroids), the Flappy Bird days of excitement are long over and nobody cares anymore. People will simply think: "Why is anyone even making another one of those?" Come up with an original way to market it.

    2) I think the game would work better if it was in landscape, not portrait. Because you are not simply avoiding obstacles, like in FB, but rather shooting them (much like Metal Slug etc.), landscape orientation will give you a more dynamic and fun playing field for the player. Look at these different shoot 'em up games, they are portrait if you go up/down, and landscape if you go left/right. It will also give you more space to create compelling boss strategies, and to place weapon buttons.

    3) This is your first (and only) game on the App Store. Don't get hung up on it. Don't expect it to change the world. Don't expect it to become a bestseller. Consider it your first step on a longer journey towards making more and better games, part of a learning process.

  • LingoLordsLingoLords Houston, TexasPosts: 26Member, PRO

    Thanks pHghost. I'm sure you know how hard it is not getting hung up on your first game. It's my baby... : ) Seriously, I appreciate your suggestions. And yes, it would be better as landscape. I figured that towards the end of my production.. I am tired of working on this project and don't want to invest more weeks changing things... and then waiting for a week or so for Apple to OK things... I am already working on the next project. Thanks again.

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