When I finish my game, Can I ...?

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Hello everyone ..

I'm new here .. but I really want clear answer about these two questions before I start working on GameSalad.

  1. With the free edition of GameSalad, can I make a game and publishing it on Google Play store for free and make unlimited money form adds and Google's help, and all the money from adds I'm the only one who can have it ?.. if not .. then in what edition can I :confused:

  2. lets assume I downloaded the free edition, and I started working on my game with it .. and I after I finished the game .. I wanted to publish my game on on Google Play store for free .. supposing I can't do that unless I have the licensed edition.. so decided to buy the licensed edition so I can publish my game and make money lets say I couldn't buy it at the time when I started working my game :dizzy_face: the question now ..
    Can I move my work on that game from the free edition to the licensed edition normally or do I have to rework my game on the new licensed edition from scratch again !?

please I want straightforward answers..
thank you in advance.


  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,927
    1. Please see this page: http://gamesalad.com/pricing. It should answer your questions about whether or not you need the Pro license.
    2. If you start working on a game with the free version of GameSalad Creator, you may continue to work on it with the Pro version. In fact, it's the same software... you just login with your Pro account and have access to additional features.

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    Question 1: Ans is http://gamesalad.com/creator/pricing

    Question 2: Ans is your game built with free edition will continue to work when you buy Pro edition.

    Unlimited money would certainly come with a good and well designed game. I was looking at some game downloads today like all the different variants of candy crush games and most had over 1M download, only diff to me was the graphics :)

  • Alaa-ZAlaa-Z Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you very much ..

    But the "Pricing" page does not say if i can or can't have all the revenue from my game on the play store !
    also dose my income is unlimited!.. like if i gain money from my game more than cretin number i.e. 5000$ .. do I have to pay for tax or some kind of benefit for GameSalad company ? ..

    Thanks a lot ..
    exactly ... a good game will definitely gain continuous income..

  • sysadssysads Member Posts: 146

    The free version has a Mandatory Interstitial Ads, so I believe you get the revenues from that. The experts can confirm this.

  • jamie_cjamie_c ImagineLabs.rocks Member, BASIC Posts: 5,684

    @sysads, the free version does have interstitial ads BUT the developer does not receive any income from those ads, Gamesalad does since they are letting you use their software for free.

  • Alaa-ZAlaa-Z Member Posts: 3

    humm .. thanks man
    but what if I build the game on my licensed edition and i published it ..
    does the income I get from the game is all for me .. or in certain number or limit of income they take a benefit or kinda tax !

    • sorry to bother with all of these questions but i really wanna know these things :smile:
  • jamie_cjamie_c ImagineLabs.rocks Member, BASIC Posts: 5,684

    If you are a paid user of Gamesalad you can eliminate the ads that Gamesalad would place in a free users game and instead place your own ads. You will then receive any income generated by the ads you place yourself. When you are a paid user of Gamesalad they DO NOT take any income from your games.

    However app stores may take some, for example if you sell your games on the Apple App Store they will take 30% of your profits from sales, leaving you with 70%. They take the 30% to support the app store, their marketing and to make some income themselves. You'd have to check at each appstore for an exact breakdown of their payment arrangements.

    Ad payments are handled by each ad host (chartboost, revmob, apple, etc.). You will receive income from your ads as a paid user of Gamesalad. However in my experience ad income is very limited, you'll need a lot of downloads and plays to generate anything significant.

    As for you tax situation, I have no idea, that would be totally dependant on your country.

  • Alaa-ZAlaa-Z Member Posts: 3

    thanks a lot for your help man .. I really appreciate it :smile:

  • jsorr2jsorr2 Member Posts: 279

    @Alaa-Z‌ It helps to look at the FAQ page of this website. Particularily: https://help.gamesalad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201965817-Can-I-make-money-building-apps-with-GameSalad-

    If you are a free user, you can put your app on app store for a price to buy it, and you keep all money that way.

    If you are a pro user, you keep all money your app earns. Gamesalad will make money off you because of your subscription of $299/year to them. So it's a win/win.

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