Stable Release - Android Binary Release 0.12.10b

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Android binary release 0.12.10b


  • Updated Revmob Android SDK to 7.0.0. This fixes an issue with apps using RevMob being rejected from the Google Play Store. This is a publishing binary hotfix only.

Republish you game or regenerate your 0.12.10 game to use the new binaries.


  • colandercolander Member Posts: 1,610

    Ay update on a fix for bug #566 - Purchase stuck in pending if user backs out of purchase on Android device? I notice it hasn't even been confirmed. If a user does this and they will they won't be able to buy the item if they change their minds unless they delete the app and reinstall it.

  • mau557mau557 Member Posts: 8

    I republished my game with Creator 0.12.10 and updated the APK in Play Dev Console. And still returns the same message saying my game is in Advertising ID Policy Violation. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks. :smile:

  • Supersonic9120Supersonic9120 Member, PRO Posts: 172

    Hmmmmm. Didn't seem to work for me either.

  • luke2125luke2125 Member, PRO Posts: 225

    Hi GameSalad Staff,

    Thanks for the quick update regarding Rev-Mob, I'm no longer getting the Rev Mob rejection from Google Play.....If someone else is still experiencing it, please read below into what I did.

    1) Re-publish the game, make sure you change Version #......

    2) Go into your Google Player Developer Console, and Unpublish your .apk, then deactivate your .apk, then upload new .apk into production, and then re-publish. Please be aware that it might take a few hours for the message ( rejection besides your previous .apk to dissappear ).

    God Bless....



  • Supersonic9120Supersonic9120 Member, PRO Posts: 172

    Main thing is number 2. It takes time for the message to disappear. Thanks Luke2125

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