"drunk Fluppy" - don't hate me! :)

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I would like to share with you my first iphone application. It is called "drunk fluppy" and YES IT IS A CLONE, PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME SO MUCH :) I hope that you will like my "weird" idea of it.

The whole process of creating and submitting an application was a great lesson for me. Actually it is optimised only for iphone 4s and 5s. The application is certainly free, I have added chartboost advertisements in "game over" scene. The probability of getting an ad is 25% and I have no idea is it too much, I am still learning. The game is not made with gamesalad but I started my whole journey with this application :)

The feeling of seeing my application in appstore is fantastic and I hope that anyone will check my game and post an opinion about it. I treat "drunk fluppy" as a test :) Thanks in advance for any response.

link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drunk-fluppy/id943468874?l=pl&ls=1&mt=8


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    Just a heads up..Announce your game is for GS made games....you shoukd post these under non GS news or miscellaneous.

  • dummydummy Member Posts: 8

    Thunder you're right, sorry for that. I changed it :)

  • jsorr2jsorr2 Member Posts: 279

    Cool game. I like it, probably move than flappy bird.
    How'd you make the icon for your app?

  • dummydummy Member Posts: 8

    jsorr2 wow I really appreciate your opinion :) you're first who said something about my app :) It's made with vectors, feel free to ask on pm :)

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    The very fact that you say "YES IT IS A CLONE,PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME SO MUCH" means you know something is not right with what you've done.
    Not gonna download it, but good luck.


  • dummydummy Member Posts: 8

    POM thanks for posting here :) I typed about it because I know that people are tired of flappy clones, nowadays there are thousands of them :) I don't expect to earn much money with it, I made it for a test (the whole process of submittin the app). I tried to add some "fresh" idea, not just cloning the same gameplay and to be honest I had fun playing it on my phone.

    I hope you will change your mind, it would be nice to hear something about my app from you. Good luck for you too :)

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    I played it. Yes its a clone. A drunk flappy bird. Lol. For your first game Id say you did pretty good. What you did the best was making an ad disply immediTely after death. Every ad not only was shown but because your so used to tapping constantly. Every ad was clicked. That sent me out of the game every time. Those are the games I delete because those type ads are so intrusive to game play.

  • dummydummy Member Posts: 8
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    Thunder you're right again haha ;D I will change it and update, I just got used to it and I don't tap every ad that's why I haven't seen a problem :) Thanks

    I have removed ads, but I think that it will take several days because it's "waiting for review" :)

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Member Posts: 2,343

    Oh hey. You dont have to go ad free...ads can be well placed and serve their purpose. Littering your game game with ads...can be the difference of an install and staying installed :smile:

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